The more complex algorithms become, the less we can understand the results. Matthias Spielkamp, managing director of AlgorithmWatch, sees this as a danger to our democracy - and makes demands.

Our alumnus is neither a computer scientist nor a coder, but a journalist - and through his journalistic work he realised early on that the power of algorithmic systems on society is much more far-reaching than the public realises. As early as 2015, he investigated the role of the networked information economy on politics and society as part of his Mercator Fellowship and, in the same year, founded the non-profit initiative AlgorithmWatch with other comrades-in-arms, which he now heads.

Learn more about how his organisation makes algorithmic decision-making processes transparent and why algorithms represent both an opportunity and a danger in our interview with Matthias in the foundation's magazine (in German) AufRuhr - Matthias Spielkamp: Der Algorithmus-Wächter.

Photo credit © Xiaofu Wang