You are between 16-27 years old, full of ideas and keen to work in a team with other young people from Germany and Turkey for more understanding and friendship between the countries? You enjoy organising projects or always wanted to know how that works? Then have a look at the current opportunity brought to you by our alumni and friends at Jugendbotschafter e.V. (JuBo)!

Apply now for the Youth Ambassador Starter Programme 2022!

The Jugendbotschafter e.V. are inviting you to their Youth Ambassador Starter Programme (YASP). In a week full of activities, you will together learn more on what project management is all about, explore this year’s topic of intercultural peace, get to know each other, and most importantly have fun. Throughout the program, the language of instruction will be English and there will be different concepts of Turkish and German culture. The exchange is built on Peer-to-Peer principles and that means that the volunteers of Jugendbotschafter e.V. want to not only share their knowledge with you but also learn and be inspired by you and everyone participating. The cost of your travel, two meals a day and accommodation will be fully covered. They will also assist in Visa applications.

Whom is this for?
We are looking for young adults between the age of 16-27 who are passionate about intercultural exchange, especially between Turkey and Germany. To participate in this programme, you need to be able to travel to Berlin between the 5th and 9th of September and be willing to participate in online meetings before and after the event.

How does the programme look like?

This year's YASP is divided into three parts.
Part 1: Online Meeting: In the first meeting we will meet on Zoom and introduce ourselves to you and get to know each other. Here you will also find out more details about the week in Berlin, ask your final questions and create vibes for an inspiring and fun week together. We will also meet again online sometime after the end of the face-to-face program to discuss the evaluation of the program and the progress of the project groups.

Part 2: From the 05th to the 9th of September we will meet in Berlin to learn about how to organise a successful project, develop our own project ideas and learn more about German-Turkish exchange and intercultural peace. In this 5-day program, all costs will be covered. Participants are only expected to provide part of the cost for food and drinks (lunch and snacks). Participants are expected to provide their own transportation to Berlin. These fees will be reimbursed afterwards. However, those who have difficulty obtaining tickets for transportation can contact us in advance.

Part 3: The goal of the YASP is to learn more about Turkish-German relations and develop projects that help create more just, equal societies free of stereotypes. Therefore, the last part will be implementing the project ideas you pitched during the week in Berlin. However, do not worry about this part yet. You will get plenty support of from us during that time. You will have the chance to have online/face-to-face meetings after the program to implement the project ideas that emerged in Berlin. You can continue to get support from your other peers in JuBo while making these plans.

How can I be part of it?

To learn more and join the YASP 2022 apply here! Applications ends June 29, 2022!

UPDATE: Deadline extended for German applicants until July 14, 2022.

Who is Jugendbotschafter e.V. (JuBo) anyway?
We are a peer association of young people from Turkey and Germany who have exchanged experiences in each other's countries. We want to empower young people to participate in society with self-confidence and free from prejudice. To this end, we carry out projects in the German-Turkish area that create respectful, inclusive spaces for the free exchange of opinions. In doing so, we work free of denomination or political affiliation.