The Hertie School and the Netherlands and Hungarian Helsinki Committees are once again connecting leading European human rights defenders in a two-years capacity- and alliance-building programme! Applications are open now for Recharging advocacy for Rights in Europe" (RARE) 2022-2024 until July 24, 2022!

Recharging Advocacy for Rights in Europe (RARE) brings 25 leading European human rights defenders together in a two-years capacity- and alliance-building programme. As a solidarity alliance, RARE is co-organised by partners from academia and civil society: the Hertie School, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, the Netherlands Helsinki Committee, the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights and Oxfam Novib.

From Fall 2022 till Summer 2024, 25 leading staff members of civic organisations from all over the EU will take part in a total of 10 high-quality skills and knowledge building events (camps) as well as collaborate on developing and implementing a joint project related to civic space in the EU. Participants will forge connections with and join the alumni of RARE’s first group. Resource persons and expert contributors at the camps will be drawn from Hertie School faculty, leading civil society and multilateral organisations as well as think tanks. Our vision is that after 20 months, participants will become better equipped to build stronger organisations and cooperate in a stronger alliance, built on collaboration towards a common agenda on fundamental rights and rule of law in the EU. 

Who should apply ?

We are recruiting 25 senior representatives of leading locally-rooted/national civic organisations from any EU member state.

Applicants should:

  • be staff members in a senior/(potential) leadership position who could be future multipliers for their organisation and the civic sector;  

  • be representing a civil society organisation with an existing track record of high-quality work on fundamental rights and rule of law issues within EU member States, or an organisation that has taken the decision to start engaging in this area; 

  • bring perspectives from gender, digital and privacy advocates, from religious/faith-based, migrants’ and refugee rights and humanitarian actors as well as from trade unions and from organisations. We are also looking for representatives of social movements, focused on the green agenda, climate change and sustainability; 

  • have proven ability/capacity and willingness to advocate for pan-European civic space protection / expansion beyond and be commited to developing and cooperating long-term with fellow European civic organisations; 

  • represent civic organisations with potential for growth in and impact on their national settings; 

  • have the support of their employer organisation to participate as part of their job duties in the full program; 

  • be fluent in English (written and oral). 

To learn more and apply see: