What influence do Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have on democracies? How are these topics regulated and evaluated in the USA and Europe? And what is behind these buzzwords anyway? These are some of the topics our Mercator Fellow researched on in Brussels.

Alex Engler didn't used to have much interest in coding and digital topics, but that changed during an internship at the Sunlight Foundation while studying political science. It was here that he first became involved with how governments deal with data and the internet. Several internships and jobs at government agencies and think tanks followed, until his path finally led him to Europe as a Senior Fellow at the Mercator Foundation.

Read Alex's assessment of current developments in the digital sphere in Europe and the USA and their influence on democracies in our interview with him for AufRuhr - Wenn Künstliche Intelligenz politisch wird (in German only).

Photo credit © Lukas Schulze