Climate change is the greatest challenge facing humanity and often particularly marginalised and disadvantaged groups suffer disproportionately from the consequences of climate change. Clara Leonie Bütow deals with the question of how to best prepare these groups for the consequences of climate change.

During her studies, Clara organised a bicycle tour from Paris to Berlin. On this tour, she took along a flamingo made of plastic waste and organised events at each stopover to raise awareness for the growing problem of plastic waste. It was also here that she made the decision to work on climate change full time. As part of her Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs, she is working on how to best prepare local communities and groups for the impacts of climate change through nature-based interventions.

You can find out more about Clara and her work and awareness campaigns in the latest video interview for our magazine AufRuhr - Wie bist Du Klimaaktivistin geworden? (in German only).