In 2020, Germany has achieved its goal of reducing emissions by 40% compared to 1990, mainly due to the special effects of the Corona pandemic. In 2021, Germany will probably miss its climate protection target. Mercator alumn Jakob Peter is the Secretary General of the Expert Council for Climate Issues and responsible for identifying climate protection gaps. In an interview with AufRuhr, he told us about his work and his professional career.

Jakob has experienced the field of energy from many angles. The mechanical engineer completed his doctorate in economics at the Institute of Energy Economics at the University of Cologne. He has worked for various companies in the field of climate protection and renewable energies - for example, at a technological company for hydropower turbines, a start-up for climate-friendly fuels and an energy company for renewable energies and hydrogen. As a grantee of the Mercator Fellowship on International Affairs, he worked as a consultant for Sustainable Investment Partners, the German Federal Ministry for the Environment and the International Energy Agency IEA.

Since September 2021, he is Secretary General and head of the office of the German Expertenrat für Klimafragen (ERK). The ERK annually reviews the emission data compiled by the Federal Environment Agency and advises the Federal Government on necessary climate protection measures in the event that permissible emission levels are exceeded.

He knew early on that he wanted to deal with climate protection professionally: "[...] A large part of the fossil resources still available today must in fact remain in the ground if we want to prevent disastrous climate change. That was a motivation for me early on to think about what I would like to do professionally later on."

In the interview with AufRuhr, he talks about what drives him and gives an insight into his work and professional career.

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Photo Credit: ©Reinaldo Coddou