Virtual Event

MERCATORA: Gender Competency, Unconscious Bias and Leadership Skills (Module 2)

Dec. 9, 2021, 1 p.m.Dec. 11, 2021, 5 p.m.
Past event

Welcome to the second seminar module of the 2021/22 edition of our Alumnae Careerbuilding program Mercatora!

Women in management positions are often exposed to the "double-bind" problem - they must be considered neither too feminine nor too masculine. Women therefore have to deal with their gender identity and develop career-related strategies in a different way than it is the case for men. In addition, unconscious thought patterns (unconscious bias) influence thinking, behavior and decisions, especially in an intercultural context, and require not only knowledge, but also above all sensitivity and reflection. Building on this, self-management and leadership skills are on the agenda. “Inclusive Leadership” will be presented in a practice-oriented manner and discussed in relation to the intercultural and personal experiences of the participants.

The seminar takes place via Zoom. Participation is limited to those alumnae who are part of the 4th Mercatora cohort.

Please note: parts of the program include a network meeting open to all Mercatoras (I-V) including an exclusive discussion event on "(Fe)Male Alliances for Gender Equality" with activists&authors&HeForShe Ambassadors for UN Women Germany Vincent-Immanuel Herr & Martin Speer. Please see the event page for further details.